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About Us 

To constantly improve what is essential to human progress by
mastering science and technology.

To be the largest, most profitable and most respected
surgical instruments supplier in the world.

Respect for people.

LeBord Quality Management System Purpose
Assuring quality is a multi-functional effort covering many aspects of operations.
It is a continuous process involving:
The identification and documentation of customer needs. 
The development, manufacture and delivery of products and services to meet those needs consistently. 
Feedback from the customer to assess the company's performance. 
Action on the customer's feedback to improve the company's performance. 

Developed and endorsed by company management,
the LeBord Quality Management System ensures that customers receive
quality, reliability and integrity in the products and services LeBord
provides to them, and that customers' needs and requirements are met.

The system calls for strict adherence to specifications, as well as regulatory and quality requirements.
Product quality is maintained through systems of standardization and
process control. Service quality covers all aspects of customer transactions
and is ensured by the function that is providing the service.
Both product and service quality characteristics are agreed upon
by LeBord and the customer.

Quality Policy
We trust in continuous improvement of productivity, quality, service,
relationship and human resources to achieve our goal of
total customer satisfaction.
Quality could be a challenge for most other companies, for us, it is our
strength. And quality doesn't end with products;
we continue the tradition of quality with our services also.

Research & Development
Research & development is a continuous activity in LeBord.
Continuous efforts are made in improving product development and
cost effective process controls.

Considerable time and money are invested in the development of
new products that have better values in term of utility.

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